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THE ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER! It is with the greatest excitement that we can announce our acquisition of the Mr Universe South Africa national directorship & our participation in the Mr Universe 2025 Competition!

"I am so happy to announce that JP & the Mr South Africa team have become the national directors for Mr Universe South Africa. I look forward to meeting the new Mr Universe South Africa later this year and I wish you all the best of luck for the competition ahead." - Jino E. Cabrera, President of the Mr Universe organization.

"I remember the first meeting I had with Jino, I left that call in absolute disbelief that we have finally found an international competition that aligns so perfectly with the level of opportunities we strive to provide our titleholders" - JP Robberts, Mr South Africa CEO

The Mr South Africa team has already been meeting with brand partners such as national costume designers, our resident swimwear brand and many others we find could support our titleholders on their journey to the universe.

Although we cant speak on the planning of the Mr Universe organisation, it has been mentioned to us that the 2025 finals of Mr Universe is planned to happen in Los Angeles, California.

We strive to give our titleholders the best opportunities and there is very little that beats the opportunity to not only compete internationally but to visit a beautiful city like Los Angeles.

South Africa, we are incredibly proud to carry our nation to an international stage, welcome to the Universe!

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