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All contestants are required to acknowledge that they have read and understood all the terms and conditions of entry, on the website and entry form, so please read this carefully.





2.1. While Mr. South Africa does screen and conduct the relevant checks, it is the contestant’s responsibility to check and ensure compliance with the requirements.

2.2.1. Contestants must have a South Africa Identity Document and must be a South African citizen or permanent resident within South Africa.
2.2.2. Contestants must be between the ages of 21 – 40 at the time of entry. Either Turning 21 at the time of entry but can not turn 40 during the year of entry.

2.2.3. Should a contestant be selected as Semi-finalist or Finalist, he will be required to avail himself for compulsory dates.
2.2.4. Entrant/Contestant must not have been involved in any past activities that may place Mr. South Africa, its partners and/ or sponsors and/or organizers in a compromised and/or humiliating light both publicly or privately. Should this come to light, Mr. South Africa reserves the right to revoke the contestant’s title with immediate effect and/or remove the contestant /semi-finalist/ finalist from the competition.
2.2.5. Contestant must not have any criminal record or be involved in any criminality or any kind.
2.2.6. Contestant cannot be an immediate family member of the organizers of the Mr. South Africa organization.
2.2.7. Contestant are required to have a healthy physical physique.
2.2.8. Contestant may have tattoos on the condition it can be covered by clothing.
2.2.9. Contestant may have any educational background as this is not a condition for entry.
2.2.10. Contestant need not have prior modelling experience is not a condition for entry.

2.2.11 No prior charity work is required of contestants to enter.




3.1. In order to complete their entry, contestants will need to complete the entry steps below:
3.1.1. Read the Mr. SA terms and conditions, Entry Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
3.1.2. Complete the entry form on the website and answer/complete all fields
3.1.3. Upload a high-resolution photograph as per guidelines to the online entry form
3.1.4. Pay the non-refundable registration fee of R350, via the entry portal.

3.1.5. A valid operational email address and whatsapp contact number must be provided for communication purposes.


3.2. While the Mr. South Africa organization strives to provide fair and timely communication to all contestants, should a contestant not provide a valid working email address or whatsapp number,  Mr. South Africa will not be held responsible for any communication not received.

* Completing and submitting your entry form constitutes acknowledgment of the above, as well the terms and conditions & privacy policy have been read, understood, and accepted by the contestant.


4.1. The entry fee is R350 per contestant.
4.2. The entry fee is non-refundable
4.3. Entry fees are only payable via the online portal.


5.1. Contestants must submit one photo with their entry.
5.2. This does NOT need to be a professional photo, however,
5.3. Photos should be:
• Mid length photo (From the waist upward)
• Positioned against plain background and well lit.
• Must be a recent image.
• High resolution in .jpeg or .png format


Photos should NOT be:
• ‘Selfies’ or
• contestant in dress up costumes
• Entrant with other people or
Screenshots from social media or
• Low resolution or in .pdf or .doc format

5.4. Official announcement shoots will be arranged by the Mr. South Africa organization.

5.5. All contestants are required to attend photoshoots in available provinces.

5.6 Official announcement shoots are closed photoshoots. No guests, friends, or family are allowed in studio during official shoots. ​




6.1. All contestants/semi-finalists must attend, in person.
6.2. The final times and itineraries will follow once the event schedules have been set.
6.3. Please note, all travel and accommodation during the application and Semi-finalist stages are to the entrant’s own account



7.1 We encourage contestants to follow Mr. South Africa on all the social media platforms.

7.2 Contestants will be required to have a functional Instagram account & Facebook profile/ page.

7.3 Contestants are not required to have a minimum following.




8.1. All questions can be directed via email to the Mr. South Africa organization.




9.1 Mr. South Africa and its representation will take priority over previous titles contestants may have won.

9.2 Mr. South Africa will deal solely with its contestants directly and will not deal with any family, agents, agencies or representatives of the contestant / semi-finalist / finalist or titleholder.





10.1 Contestants acknowledge Mr. South Africa is an ambassadorship program, not a beauty pageant.

10.2 Contestants will be required to complete challenges throughout the duration of the competition to help determine the most deserving winner.

10.3 Challenges will not be disclosed ahead of time and will be presented to all contestants at the same time.




11.1 Mr. South Africa reserves the right to terminate and/or remove any contestant / semi-finalist/ finalist from its competition for any reason it deems fit for dismissal.

11.2 Mr. South Africa reserves the right to recuperate any cost incurred on the contestant / semi-finalist / finalist during their time in the competition.

11.3 Mr. South Africa reserves the right to take any legal action against in the event of, including but not limited to: breaches or conflict it deems fit. In the event of termination, the contestant, semi finalist, finalist or titleholder will be liable to pay back all investments made into them by the Mr. South Africa organization, including but not limited to: transport or accommodation costs, event attendance, sashes, wardrobes, prizes, photoshoots, videography, social media marketing and damages. 

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